Halloween Eye Safety

Halloween eye safety

Don’t let an infection or eye injury be the scariest part of your Halloween festivities. Follow our Halloween eye care tips to take care of your peepers while you enjoy some spooky fun!

Beware of Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

Want to enhance your costume by changing the look of your eyes? Then forget shopping at costume shops, online stores, or other places that sell non-prescription contact lenses, which may not fit properly and could scratch and damage the outer layer of the eye. Other risks from wearing contact lenses without a prescription include corneal ulcers, allergic reactions, and even loss of vision.

If your Halloween look depends on altering your eyes, head to your optometrist to get fitted for contacts and to acquire a prescription. You can then order your lenses straight from your eye doctor’s office or from a reputable online store.

Remember, never share your contact lenses with others, and be sure to remove your contacts before heading to bed!

Take Care When Applying Makeup Around Your Eyes

From frightful zombies to adorable kittens, many costumes depend on the use of makeup to complete the transformation. Before you start applying fake blood, creams, and glitter to your face and around your eyes, here are a few safety tips:

  • Carefully select the makeup you choose. Avoid ones with fragrances, metallic pigments, and preservatives.
  • Patch test a small area of your skin to check for allergies or reactions.
  • Try not to apply any products inside the eyelash line, including false eyelashes. Doing so increases dryness and irritation of the eye surface.
  • Avoid glitter, which can migrate onto the eyelid surface and cause corneal scratches and other damage.

Take Precautions with Accessories

Sometimes a wizard’s wand or pirate’s sword are the perfect final touches to a costume, but they also present hazards that can haunt you way past October 31st. Take special care when carrying and using your accessory in crowded places, or in dark, hard-to-see areas, especially if your item is long and pointy. If possible, use foam accessories that are easily bendable to prevent injuries from occurring.

Don’t Let Masks Cut the Fun Short

Masks are a fairly hassle-free way to get in the spirit of the season, but some care should be taken when making your selection. When trying on masks, make sure your view is clear, especially in your peripheral vision. Not doing so puts you at extra risk for tripping on curbs or stairs during your Halloween fun.

Also, if you’re planning on going as a pirate, only wear your costume eyepatch when taking pictures or standing still, as you lose depth perception when one eye is covered, which can also increase the risk of injuries like trips and falls.

Happy Halloween from the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute! Make sure to check our blog regularly for more helpful eye care tips!