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Clinical Trials

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Clinical Research Trials at the Eye Institute

Patients benefit from the Eye Institute’s involvement in numerous Food and Drug Administration (FDA) national clinical research trials. Providing access to these national studies keeps the community updated on the latest medical and surgical advances in eye care. The FDA regulates the clinical trials offered at the Eye Institute to protect our patient’s rights, safety, and welfare. We offer clinical trials that explore the latest treatments for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, uveitis, dry eye, high eye pressure, and many others. The physicians at Black Hills Regional Eye Institute in Rapid City, South Dakota have been participating in clinical trials for several years.

Why Participate in a Clinical Research Trial

Patients who qualify can take advantage of new cutting-edge therapies at no cost. A patient will benefit from a treatment or drug therapy that is not yet available to the public. To begin the process, a patient must start with an evaluation to see if he qualifies for the study. If accepted into a study the patient will be expected to meet certain criteria for the study and will need to complete a few to several visits related to the study. During these visits, a patient will receive tests, treatments, and drug therapy at no cost. Some patients will receive the actual drug the clinical research trial is testing and others will receive a placebo drug. Either way, the doctor participating in the trial is not aware of which drug therapy a patient is receiving.
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Clinical Trials Enrolling Patients

If you or a family member qualify for a Clinical Trial, please have your OD reach out to us at (605) 341-2000