On LASIK Safety – What Prospective Patients Should Know

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Woman on ComputerLASIK surgery has helped many people achieve excellent vision without the aid of corrective lenses. It is highly effective at treating refractive errors (better known as myopia/nearsightedness, hyperopia/farsightedness, and astigmatism). Even though LASIK has proven effective, many patients at our Rapid City laser eye surgery center have asked about the safety of the surgery. These concerns may put people off from undergoing LASIK even though they are excellent candidates for the procedure.

We’d like to take a few moments right now to look at some of the basic safety concerns surrounding LASIK so you have a better understanding of how the surgery works and why it is a safe option to consider for vision correction.

Is LASIK safe?

Yes, LASIK is a safe surgical procedure. By far, most patients who undergo LASIK surgery have positive experiences and do not experience any kind of complications following surgery. Our eye doctors in Rapid City are very careful to make sure that the patients are properly screened and are ideal candidates for refractive treatment before they consider LASIK as a solution.

Are there risks related to LASIK surgery?

Even though the above is true, we stress to every patient that LASIK is a surgery, and as such there is always a certain level of risk involved. During the consultation process, we will be sure to go over all of the risks and benefits of LASIK surgery so that every patient has realistic expectations about the procedure and what it can achieve.

What are the potential complications of LASIK surgery?

Some of the potential complications of Rapid City LASIK include the following:

  • Persistent dry eye syndrome
  • Degraded vision
  • Infection of the eye
  • Overcorrection of vision
  • Undercorrection of vision
  • Problems with the corneal flap

Thankfully the chances of the above complications occurring are relatively low, and many of these problems can be addressed with relative ease.

How are the chances of potential risks and complications minimized?

Risks and complications of LASIK are minimized through proper patient care both prior to the surgery and afterward. We provide patients with detailed information about pre-operative preparation for surgery as well as what to do following surgery to ensure proper healing. We also keep in contact with patients after surgery so that any concerns can be addressed as soon as possible. This all goes a long way to ensuring a problem-free surgery and recovery.

Is LASIK safer now than it was in the past?

Yes, and a lot of that is thanks to advances in laser eye surgery technology. All-laser LASIK, digital mapping of the cornea, more accurate lasers, and other steps forward mean that patients have a safer surgical experience and surgeons are able to achieve better results overall.

Given these potential risks and complications, is LASIK worth it?

Yes, we believe so, and so do many of our patients. We understand possible hesitance, though, which is why we’re more than happy to discuss alternatives to LASIK as well. It’s our goal to empower every patient who comes to the practice so that they can make the best possible decision for themselves. In other words, your eyes and your peace of mind are our primary concern.