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HeadacheLASIK has truly made a difference in the lives of millions around the globe. This safe and effective refractive surgery has allowed people to see clearly without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses. But we always stress to patients that there are risks related to LASIK surgery. By informing patients of both the risks and benefits of the procedure at our Rapid City laser eye surgery center, we feel that each guest will form realistic expectations about LASIK and what it can achieve.

Right now, we’d like to focus on the risks of LASIK surgery so that prospective patients understand what to expect. This often helps people decide whether or not LASIK really is the best option for them.

All Surgeries Carry Some Degree of Risk

Whether it’s an elective surgery or a medically necessary one, surgeries do pose some risks to patients. Many times adverse side effects and/or complications do not arise, but should they occur, we feel that patients have a right to know about the possibility of such risks ahead of time. When you meet with our South Dakota eye doctors and surgeons in person, we will address all of your concerns to your satisfaction.

Common Risks of LASIK Surgery

Some of the most common risks of LASIK surgery include:

  • Infections
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Wrinkles in the corneal flap
  • Overcorrection/undercorrection of vision

Another potential risk of LASIK is diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK), which occurs when foreign objects become trapped behind the corneal flap. Another potential risk related to the corneal flap is called corneal ecstasia, in which the cornea bulges outward months after the LASIK surgery was performed. This happens due to a corneal incision that is too deep.

How You Can Reduce LASIK Surgery Risks

Before you undergo Rapid City LASIK, you will be given a number of pre-operative instructions and post-operative instructions. By preparing for surgery properly and taking care of yourself during the recovery period, you reduce the risk of LASIK complications.

How We Work to Reduce LASIK Surgery Risks

At our practice, we work very carefully and with due diligence. We are not a LASIK mill and ensure that every guest at our practice is given our full attention. We also use the latest in advanced LASIK and eye care technology, which offers safe and more accurate care than techniques and systems used in the past.

A Word on Dry Eye Syndrome and LASIK Candidacy

As you’ll note, one of the risks following LASIK surgery is dry eye syndrome. That being the case, people who suffer from dry eye syndrome prior to LASIK surgery are not considered good candidates for surgery. For these patients, it’s important that we discuss alternatives to LASIK so that they can get the best possible care that doesn’t cause undue discomfort afterward.

Learn More About Advanced Eye Care Treatments

For more information about LASIK surgery and other options for state-of-the-art laser vision correction, be sure to contact our Rapid City, SD eye care center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best possible decision about the health and condition of your vision.