What Does 20/20 Vision Really Mean?

Vision Chart

Eye ChartWhat does it mean when someone says “I see better than 20/20 after my iLASIK”? To understand this question, we must learn what 20/20 vision means. The first “20” in 20/20 refers to the presumed testing distance of 20 feet. The second “20” is a little complicated, but basically indicates one can see what a normal person should be able to see at 20 feet. If your vision measures worse than 20/20, say 20/100, that individual would have to stand 5 times closer to the eye chart to resolve the same level of vision. If your vision is better than 20/20, say 20/10, that individual could stand 2 times farther away and still be able to see the same level of vision. It is important to understand that 20/20 doesn’t indicate perfect vision, just normal vision at a normal testing distance. Fortunately with iLASIK technologies, most patients achieve 20/20 and many achieve better than 20/20.