Common Types of Eye Injuries

Woman with a headache rubbing forehead

HeadacheThe eyes can be very vulnerable to different kinds of injuries, which is why it’s so important that people wear protective eye wear whenever appropriate and possible. Taking simple steps might mean the difference between seeing great and not seeing at all.

The team at our South Dakota eye care practice have helped Williston, ND laser eye surgery patients and people from our own state see better and consider ways to preserve their vision. We’d like to look at some of the most common kinds of eye injuries right now and what you can do to make sure your eyes are well protected.

Blunt Trauma to the Eyes

Blows to the eye area and hard blows to the head can affect the eyelids, the eye socket, or even the eyeballs themselves. These kinds of injuries can occur during sports (especially contact sports) or other physical activites, auto accidents, slip, trips, falls, assaults, fights, and other kinds of altercations.

Punctures to the Eyes

An object puncturing the eyeball itself is a very serious matter that needs to be looked into right away. Punctures can be caused by direct contact of a sharp object to the eyes, shrapnel from an explosion, stray debris, and so on. If you have had a puncture to the eyes, consider visiting our South Dakota eye care and vision correction center after you have sought the urgent medical attention that you need.

Burns to the Eyes

There are many different kinds of substances that can burn the eyes or the area around the eyes. Chemicals, steam, and certain gases can lead to major burns just from exposure. Flash burns are possible from sudden exposure to very bright lights, such as welding torches, explosions, and bright lamps.

Foreign Objects Lodged in the Eyes

Many people don’t consider minor objects getting lodged in the eyes an injury, but it is something serious to consider. Whether it’s dust, an eyelash, a shard of metal, a contact lens, or some other form of matter, it needs to be removed in order for you to see clearly. The team at our practice has helped numerous local patients and Williston, ND LASIK patients dislodge foreign objects that have affected their vision.

Long-Term Sun Exposure and the Eyes

Ultraviolet radiation can gradually harm the eyes over time. Since there is little pain involved in UV ray exposure, this sort of injury is one that continues over the course of a lifetime.

Vision Problems from Eye Injuries

The type of vision problem that a person experiences from an eye injury varies depending on the kind and severity of that injury. For all of these injuries, patients may experience retinal detachment, blindness, diminished vision, or severe vision impairment. Additional problems may arise if structures around the eyes are affected. Our South Dakota eye doctors and ophthalmologists will be sure to discus these matters with you in greater detail when you visit.

How You Can Protect Your Eyes

For most eye injuries, we suggest you take the necessary precautions to ensure your eyes are well protected. Goggles can help shield the eyes from chemicals, fumes, and other foreign objects that may come into contact with the eyes. When dealing with bright lights, darkened goggles are recommended to reduce the light exposure.

If you have a small object that becomes lodged in the eyes (e.g., dirt, sand, an eyelash), you can use liquid tears to help flush it out. For larger objects or small objects that remain lodged, seek medical attention.

And just in general, we recommend that people wear sunglasses, a hat with a brim, or both when outdoors in the sun. This will help protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.